American Historical Association Meeting: Moving Communities and Networks in the Era of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Ferrao and Soares, Dutch Brazil, 1997. On

The AHA was founded in 1884 and has held an Annual Meeting since 1885. Meetings are held Thursday-Sunday, the first weekend in January following New Year's Day. The AHA Program Committee schedules 180 to 200 sessions addressing a wide range of topics, including scholarly research, approaches to teaching, and professional concerns. Throughout the three and one-half day meeting, the AHA operates a Job Center and an Exhibit Hall. Approximately four dozen affiliated societies meet jointly with the AHA, scheduling sessions, annual and business meetings, luncheons, receptions, and other events. Attendance at the Annual Meeting averages 4,800 to 5,200.

The AHA Council approved the following policy on January 6, 1994 and modified on January 7, 2001, regarding the location of the Association's annual meeting: "It is the policy of the American Historical Association not to hold its annual meetings in locations where its members reasonably believe they would be subject to discrimination on the basis of age, gender, marital status, national origin, disability, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Reasonable belief of such discrimination may be based on discriminatory legislation, the absence of appropriate state or city laws, actions by public officials, or private actions, whether individual or corporate, for which there is inadequate public response. The Association will implement this policy in its negotiations for annual meeting sites."

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