A “milestone” is a result to be achieved. Milestones and key project deliverables are significant, highly visible events of special importance to the project. In order to assure the pertinence of our actions and furthermore our milestones, we have defined eight additional characteristics or conditions to be met by each of our milestones. These elements are intended to guide our partners and collaborators and establish the distinctiveness of our plan. These criteria are defined to assure the pertinence of our activities to the strategic goals of our project. Hence our milestones:
1) … must deal with one or more thematic area
2) … must deal with one or more global perspective 3) … should involve comparison
4) … should maximize involvement of co-applicants and partners of the MCRI team
5) … should have clearly defined roles for grad students
6) … should have clearly defined plans for dissemination
7) … should have capability to obtain additional or matching funds
8) … should have a realistic budget and plan for implementation

Our intention is to engage in productive collaboration and innovative research, with the intended result in the generation and dissemination of knowledge by harnessing technology to achieve groundbreaking social goals. As an extension of our research plan, the aim is to educate people so that they can become informed citizens of a global society where we can live in respectful co-existence. The implementation of our “Research Agenda” and its complex dimensions will allow the Mobilization of Knowledge through efficient use of technologies to achieve a program of Social Innovation as a result of collaboration.