About the Project

The MCRI project focuses on slavery, memory and citizenship to highlight the global migrations of African peoples from the 15th century to the present, offering a comparison of historic patterns of slavery to inform current public policy on issues arising from the persistence of slavery and racism into the 21st century.

The historic migration of trans-Atlantic slavery involved millions of Africans, altering the complexion of global demography. The aim is to increase our understanding of contemporary problems inhibiting the achievement of a multicultural world based on values of peace and justice. Every person’s dignity is enhanced through an appreciation of the past and present contributions of all citizens.

We propose to examine the interplay between history and memory through interdisciplinary collaboration that compares the trans-Atlantic experience of slavery in the development of the Americas with that of forced migration into the Islamic world, including the Mediterranean, as well as the Indian Ocean world. We want to understand how concepts of personhood could be commoditized through the practices of slavery, and we want to inform the issues that need to be confronted to combat the persistence of slavery into the 21st century.